Special offer for season 2021: Chalet - two rooms for two people for 500 €! ➔ Orders: zuzanaviotte@gmail.com, T 0033 647 562 355

Accommodation Aviotte. Your quiet place at the lavender fields.

We offer you a comfortable accomodation in the sunny South of France. In the Provence there are many things which you can do like to make bike tour through Drome Provencale. There are also many sightseeing places in the old town. The best thing about this village is that it is not far away from the Mediteerranean Sea, the Alps and Avignon.

⚠️ Information for season 2021:

France is open to all vaccinated or on the basis of a PCR test. There is a curfew from 11pm. On June 30, the curfew will be completely lifted.

Booking with us is possible without cancellation fees. We are collecting a deposit of € 200, which is also valid for the 2022 season.

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